The quality of the leader will influence how the team can pick itself up
from a misstep and go on. Regardless of the event, how one reacts to it makes a
big difference on the consequences it will have.

Bad things happen to good projects.  When something happens, the
project manager's reaction will guide how the team will feel about it.

  • If the project manager
    panics, everyone on the team will feel that panic. This will affect how
    everyone works. Panic rarely makes people better.
  • If the project manager
    remains calm and focuses on the solutions to the problem, she will take
    everyone's mind off the problem and thinking constructively.

As a project manager, we must remember that our team is looking to us for
clues on how to behave in the team. Respectful managers will encourage
respectful behavior in their teams.

It's a good idea to think about how you want your team to behave, and then
set out to show them how it's done.