The Custom Task Reports feature in AceProject is a user-favorite, for two main reasons:

Save reports

Custom task reports are the only reports that can be saved and shared with other administrators and users with portfolio access. Administrators can see the entire report while users with portfolio access can only see the projects and tasks they're assigned to. Saving and sharing task reports is real time-saver as those reports can be accessed via a link. There is no need to ask all users to apply this filter, and this one, and this one, and this date range to view the report. You send them the link, they login to AceProject and voilà, here's the data.

Create very specific and targeted reports

Even though AceProject is loaded with reports, you may not find the one you really need. There may be a missing filter or two, and that will keep you from providing your boss with accurate data. That being said, custom task reports offer zillions of possibilities. You decide the fields to display, the sorting order and the filters to apply. You may apply one, several or all if you wish, it's up to you. Hence, if you need to find all tasks in a given project, with 10% done, that started last month, with urgent and critical priorities, assigned to John, Peter and Mary with Joe and Carl as reviewers, well, you'll get that report!