Custom hours can now be entered when assigning users to a task. Until now, it was only possible to either fully distribute the number of estimated hours to each assigned user or divide the number equally among the number of users. The former will no longer be an option and from now on, it will be possible to assign hours as follows:

  • Divide hours: The number of estimated hours for a task is allocated equally to all users assigned to it. So, if 5 users are assigned to a 5-hour task, they will be assigned 1 hour each.
  • Custom hours: This option empowers you to assign hours to users freely, regardless of the number of estimated hours.

Starting today, all your existing tasks have become “divide equally”. You are now free to change them to custom hours if needed. For task import, please note that the Divide Hours option is forced.

Since the workload of your users may have changed significantly, we highly recommend you consult the User Workload Report under the Portfolio tab. You might notice that some users may be under allocated. Moreover, your project statistics may have slightly changed.

Where can I set custom hours?

  • On the Edit Task Information page, mobile version included.
  • On the Edit User -> Multiple Task Assignment page

Here’s how the new options look like: