Since we added the dashboard to AceProject, several customers have expressed their disappointment in regards to our decision to make the dashboard the new default page under “My Office”. These customers actually wanted to return to the old default page, which was “My Tasks”.¬†These comments led us to release something better: Why not let users choose the default page among several options? That what we actually did.

From now on, every user can define the default page under “My Office” in their user preferences. The following pages can be set as default: The dashboard, My Tasks, My Marked Tasks, My Marked Projects, My Timesheets and My Expenses.

On a different note, the migration process to new servers is finished. Overall, it ran smoothly. All our customers’ data has been moved successfully. We are working on optimization at this time.

Finally, at the mobile level, project and task lists’ pagination is now independent from your AceProject account’s settings. Hence, you can decide how many items you see in your task and project lists.