We’ve decided to fix several irritants in AceProject lately, in order to improve the overall user experience.

Here’s the list of things we’ve done over the last couple of weeks:

Bulk Project Un-Assignment
Un-assigning users from a project is no longer a pain. We added a checkbox before each assigned user, so you can multi-select those you wish to un-assign and click the “Un-Assign Selected Users…” at the bottom of the list.

Show Non-Assigned Users on the “Edit Task” Page
When viewing the assignment grid under “Edit Task”,  it is now possible to view users who are not assigned to the task’s associated project. This helps improve user assignment significantly. In fact, should you need to assign someone who is not assigned to the associated project, you’ll simply check them from the list and assign them to both the associated project and the open task.

Project Number Auto-Population
This one was requested for quite some time. Project numbers are now auto-populated. Every time you create a project, a six-digit unique number will be given to the project. Of course, you can decide whether to keep that number or change it.

No More Hassles when Closing a Project
From now on, when marking a project as “Completed”, you will no longer be told that you still have incomplete tasks, non-approved timesheets and non-approved expenses. Actually, 3 drop-downs will show up when selecting a completed project status, which will empower you to set all tasks as completed, as well as mark all timesheets and expenses to “Approved”.

Ready-to-Start Tasks
If you use task dependencies, you’ll love that one.  Successor tasks, when all their predecessors are completed, will now be identified as “Ready-to-Start” tasks in task reports as well as in the dashboard.

Tasks to Start Soon
We added this item to the “Soon Due and Overdue Tasks” email reminder. “Tasks to Start Soon” are tasks with a start date that’s coming soon. These tasks are also accessible via the dashboard. Just like soon due and overdue tasks, the number of days when to send the report can be defined under “Admin -> Account Info -> Edit Account”.

Comment on a Task by Replying to an Email Notification
You can now add a comment to a task simply by replying to task creation or task update notification. At this time, most popular email clients are supported, such as Gmail, Hotmail and Outlook.

Email Notification to Yourself
A new email notification option has been added to “My Preferences”. You can now get notified when you create or update a task. This is great for those who work from their inbox, as you can flag those notifications as reminders or to-dos.

Email Notification upon Task Deletion
Every time a task is deleted, the creator as well as all assigned users get notified. This helps keep track of deleted tasks.


  • When adding a comment upon task creation, the comment is now placed at the top of the email notification.
  • The “Project” and “Task” field now show up in the time approval request and approval confirmation email notifications.
More changes are coming soon. Stay tuned!