We are back from Webcom 2009 and Quebec City’s local PMI chapter meeting. A lot of speeches were heard, a lot of PowerPoint slides were squinted at, and we left both conferences with our heads filled with ideas.

Here my favorite quotes from Webcom 2009:

“Software is not about making money. Software is about changing lives. Giving people something they could never do before.” – Marc Canter, Broadband Mechanics

“At the end of the day, marketing is selling.” – Darren Guanarcia, Sitecore

“Ergonomy = utility + usability” – Anastasia Simitsis, w.illi.am

“Authentication is not identification.” – Charles Nouyrit, MyID.is

“Facebook is a CRM for people. The days of the anonymous web is over. People expect more.” – Clara Shih, Salesforce

“The individual is the heart of the Web of the future.” – Sébastien Forest, Canoe

“Open is the new green.” – Sylvain Carle, Praized