Hello everyone!

It’s finally here: AceProject’s community site. Not just a blog, but a user forum too. Not only do we get to talk to you, you get to talk back as well.

A Blog
In AceProject’s blog, we will talk about everything from project
management, software development, product management to marketing in a
Web 2.0 world. In essence, we want to talk about our life as a small
team making it in the great big industry of project management.

We will also have product announcements, where we  will let you know what’s brewing at Websystems.

A user forum

The forum is for you. What do you like most about AceProject? What do you
dislike about AceProject? How would you like to see the system evolve?

More than that, it’s a good way for all of us (users and creators alike) to
get to know each other and share our experience and knowledge.

Tell us what you think!
We are looking forward to hearing from you. Don’t hesitate to drop us a note.

About Websystems

Websystems is the creator of AceProject. Founded in 2001 in Quebec City, Canada,
Websystems is a true child of the Internet age. All our products and
systems are online. Every time we release a new feature, it is based
upon our customers’ requests and needs. We like hear your ideas
because, after all, you are the project managers and we are the
software developers.

For us at Websystems, it’s a great opportunity to have this new tool to talk to you, and hear from you.

I hope you enjoy it!

Karine Simard
Marketing and Customer Relations
Websystems, Inc.