We are glad to announce that another group of users now benefits of AceProject’s new version today. The migration is running smoothly. We are really proud of this version, which has been several months in the making.

All remaining accounts that are still on version 4.7 will be migrated to version 4.8 in early October 2010.

Here are the release notes for version 4.8 :
Expense Tracking – After years of requests for this, here it is! You can now submit and approve expenses, as well as generate reports. The expense tracking module works as does the time tracking module. Hence, you’ll be up and running with these functionalities in no time. This feature can be disabled at the account level. Hence, if you don’t want to track expenses, the interface will not make any mention of expenses whatsoever.

Weekend Management – We offer more flexibility with regards to how work weeks are managed. You can now indicate whether weekends are working days or not at the task level. Furthermore, if you use task dependencies and push out or pull in Estimated End Dates, AceProject will adjust subsequent task dates accordingly, maintaining the same number of working days.

Estimates vs Actuals – Many of you felt AceProject lacked a number of fields that would allow you to compare estimates and actuals. You’ll notice new field groups have been created at the project and task levels just for this purpose. These groups contain fields for start dates, end dates, hours and expenses.

Assignment Tab Removed – You felt navigating from the main Edit Task Information page to the assignment grid was a hassle? So did we! That is why you’ll now find the assignment grid immediately under the Details field.

Menus Reorganized – Menu items are now grouped together by theme, for easier navigation.

Smartphone-Friendly Comment and Details Fields – With the growing number of smartphone users, we had to make AceProject more mobile-friendly. Despite the fact that we have yet to release a mobile version of AceProject, the first obstacle we had to overcome was making the Comment and Details fields, at the task level, editable from a mobile device. This has been achieved through a plaintext mode. The same solution has been applied to the Mailbox, Discussion Forum and the Notepad too.

User Workload Report Enhancements – A third algorithm to compute estimated hours has been added. This option computes daily allocation hours strictly based on estimated hours, start and end dates. You can now export the user workload report to Excel.

Default Values – You can now set a default value for your types, groups, statuses and priorities. You can make any value in the drop-down the default, not necessarily the one with the smallest order number.

Other Changes

  • The contextual help now shows up in a frame within the current window instead of in a new window or tab.
  • Task history is always enabled.
  • Each user can select their own branding parameters.