There is much outrage these days on the Internet, against Apple no less. Apple decided to use Apple Software Update to send its Safari browser to Windows computers.

What people are angry about is not that Apple is offering Safari to its iTUNES users. It's the way Apple is offering it. Basically, it looks like Apple is trying to trick users into getting the new browser. Safari is listed among the other iTUNES and QuickTime updates, with no way to tell it's a new software and not a simple update on software already on your computer.

One could argue that it's up to the users to review the updates before installing.  I think that's a weak argument.

Companies may not be legally bound to be crystal clear in their dealings with their clients, but it is still the right thing to do. The way a company interacts with its clients affects its reputation, and that can make a break it. 

Your reputation precedes you in your market. Being a well-perceived company brings many benefits: first-time meetings with clients are smoother, existing clients are proud to be doing business with you. On the other hand, a bad reputation is hard the rehabilitate.

In the long run, doing the right things pays more than tricking clients.