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Mobile Version 2011.01.14 – Project Details

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The Project Details page has been added, and is now accessible from any Project List or Task Details page. Hence, information like contact, budget, settings, progress, default values, estimates and actuals, is now available in read-only mode for any project. It helps the project manager follow their projects better.

Finally, we fixed a few bugs to help improve user experience. Read the Complete Post

Mobile Version 2010.12.20 – Documents


Task documents can now be viewed under “Task Details”. This enables users to view the documents attached to a given task. Documents can also be downloaded, locked/unlocked and shared.

Furthermore, under “Task Details”, we added a button that lets you go back to the list you are in. Finally, search terms are highlighted when performing a search using “Text to search” in a task list. Read the Complete Post

Mobile Version 2010.12.10 – Marked Projects/Tasks, Project/Task Sorting and Task Search

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The mobile application’s development is running smoothly. We work intensively on the mobile version and at this pace, we should be able to release as many updates for the mobile version as for the regular version.

The first mobile version update contains the following features:

  • Marked Tasks/Marked Projects
  • Sort Tasks/Sort Projects
  • Task Search
  • Previous/Next Task
  • Task Dependencies Displayed in Task Details

Marked Tasks/Marked Projects
Whenever you need to keep an eye on a specific task or project, you should mark it. This option can be used to identify urgent, important or overdue tasks/projects, or for any other reason you may find to highlight, flag or bookmark tasks/projects. Read the Complete Post

AceProject Goes Mobile


AceProject users who own an iPhone, an iPad or an Android-powered smartphone will be delighted to hear that AceProject is finally going mobile.

We considered three options, be it an iPhone app, an Android app or a Web app. Since AceProject itself is a web-based application, it only made sense to offer a Web app for mobile devices, even though installable apps (e.g. in the Apple Store) are quite more popular at this time. Hence, no matter which mobile platform you use, AceProject will be compatible with it.

There are two ways to access the mobile application:

  1. Via your login page, by clicking the mobile icon.
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