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New statuses for time approval

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3 new features are now available to better your AceProject experience:
  • You can now create several task statuses corresponding to “completed,” such as closed, cancelled, history, etc.
  • Time approval has been redefined to make a distinction between a time sheet that has not been submitted for approval and one for which an approval request has been sent.
  • A completed task now opens in read-only mode. If you have the required access rights, you can reopen it by changing its status on the completed task page.

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New Time Report, New Gantt Chart, Better Ergonomics!

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3 new features are now available to better your AceProject experience:
  • The new report on time sheets helps you get an overview of the human resources required for one or all projects. Produce a weekly or monthly report, choose users, dates, and time sheet status. This convenient report pops up in a new window and is ready to be printed.
  • Administrators now have their own Gantt chart, where they can see all projects at once, or one project at a time.
  • In the My Tasks page under the My Office tab, we have added the Quick Task Creation Box: simply choose your assigned project and click a button to create a new task without having to open a project.
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Details and Improvements

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AceProject is constantly evolving. Once again, several improvements and details have appeared in the system:
  • On the Edit Task page, a Properties icon takes you directly to the project configuration page.
  • The system now checks that simultaneous changes do not cause data loss: when two users are making changes to a task simultaneously, AceProject will stop the second user’s update from overwriting the first user’s modifications.
  • Daily and weekly totals are now displayed in the time approval page.
  • A drop-down list is available to choose the month and year in the project calendar.
  • Ergonomics has been improved in the Add a Week page: you can browse one or four weeks in time.
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Enhanced Ergonomics

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Once again, our user’s comments have led to several ergonomic enhancements:
  • Project configuration is now tab-based to make navigation easier.
  • User configuration is easier to use: you can now assign a project to a user directly from the edit user window – no need to click through to another page.
  • Time approval has been added to the Administration tab: it is now possible to approve time sheets for all projects at the same time.
  • Weekly time sheets now display daily totals for easier referencing.
  • Supplemental information has been added to the discussion forum: you can now see the number of messages in a topic, as well as the date and author of the last post.
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FreeTaskManager change its name and becomes AceProject

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In the last year, FreeTaskManager has grown beyond simple task management to a more comprehensive project management system. Hence, FreeTaskManager was no longer a suitable name for it. Starting March 1st, you will find all the user-friendly features you used to know as FreeTaskManager under a new name: AceProject.

Don’t worry about your account and login information: they will remain unaffected by the name change.

  • AceProject will let you log in to your account with your FreeTaskManager login name and password.
  • Free access will remain available as the Hosted BASIC package.

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