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Tip of the month: New online help and videos

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The sun is shining brightly on this almost summer day.  Earlier in the morning you may have noticed a change if you are seeking for help on any topic within AceProject.

aceproject help

Our hope is that you were presently surprised with the new streamlined support area that was put in place. The migration to the new system will be fully complete in 2 weeks, after our next release. It features a single search field with drop down filtered results to ease in finding the answer to your question fast.

You may also want to go more in-depth and expand your knowledge and possibilities using AceProject by looking at the User Guides and new Videos sections. Read the Complete Post

Tip of the month – March 2014: Discover the power of AceProject’s API

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The API, huh?

AceProject is able to do some incredible things…but not everything. Sometimes you wish “if only there was a way to (fill in the blank)”. Well, if you didn’t know this already, AceProject comes with a fairly complete API or Application Programming Interface. I won’t say that now you have endless possibilities…but you almost have endless possibilities. The API is a function library that can be accessed outside of the AceProject interface to do some really nifty things.

If you are like me and have little or no experience in programming, wouldn’t you want to have access to this powerful mechanism? Read the Complete Post

Switching Back to Standard Time

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AceProject will switch clocks back to Standard Time on Sunday November 7th, 2010. Depending on where you reside, you might be moving to Standard Time on November 7th or earlier, or may not be moving your clocks back at all.

Because AceProject does not automatically handle Daylight Saving Time, it is quite possible the application will eventually display timestamps that are precisely one hour off the accurate time in your geographic location. You would notice this discrepancy, for instance, in the “Created on” timestamp located just below the Details field when creating a new task.

If you notice AceProject timestamps are one hour off, you will need to select a time zone which is actually an hour ahead or behind your actual geographic time zone. Read the Complete Post

Task Reminder vs Actual Dates

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Those who use the task reminder in order to get notified for soon due and overdue tasks ought to know that only the estimated dates are taken into account. The actual start and end dates are always ignored.

As a result, you should never lean on the actual dates to keep track of deadlines, and that’s logical. Actual dates are meant to reflect reality while estimated dates are meant to forecast what reality will be. Read the Complete Post

Show/Hide “Follow AceProject” – Why We Did This?

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As you probably noticed, we added a set of icons named “Follow AceProject” on the login page lately. These are links to all our social media profiles (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube) as well as our RSS feed and our blog. Since we provide updates and other valuable information on these sites, we felt it was appropriate to share them with you on both AceProject’s website and login page.

If these icons are annoying for you and your users, it’s possible to hide the “Follow AceProject” section under “Admin -> Account Info -> Branding”. Read the Complete Post

A workaround for sub-tasks


Sub-tasks are definitely one of the most requested features to add in AceProject. We are still unsure as to whether they will be added someday or not. There are technical reasons, but also usability reasons. Actually, sub-tasks wouldn't be used by everyone, and most users who would, don't need all the sub-tasking properties available in products like Microsoft Project. Our biggest challenge is to keep sub-tasks as simple as possible, and usable by anyone.

That being said, there's a workaround for sub-tasks in AceProject that works for many users. It simulates sub-tasks, although it doesn't replace them per se.

All you need to do is use integer task numbers for tasks and decimal task numbers for sub-tasks. Read the Complete Post

A workaround for recurring tasks

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Recurring tasks is one of the most requested features on our wishlist. Since this feature is rather complex to implement, and we have a lot on our plate, we have decided at this time to invest our energy on other enhancements like cost tracking. Recurring tasks will be added to AceProject someday, but not in the near future.

That being said, there is actually a workaround for creating recurring tasks in AceProject, thanks to the "Move/copy a task" feature. If you're willing to repeat the process periodically, you'll get recurring tasks without too much trouble. Here's how to:

Step 1 – Open the task that reoccurs and click the "Move/Copy" link at the upper right. Read the Complete Post

Two Reasons for Creating Custom Task Reports

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The Custom Task Reports feature in AceProject is a user-favorite, for two main reasons:

Save reports

Custom task reports are the only reports that can be saved and shared with other administrators and users with portfolio access. Administrators can see the entire report while users with portfolio access can only see the projects and tasks they're assigned to. Saving and sharing task reports is real time-saver as those reports can be accessed via a link. There is no need to ask all users to apply this filter, and this one, and this one, and this date range to view the report. Read the Complete Post

Two Reasons for Setting Users to “Can’t Login”

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In AceProject, users may be given two statuses: "Can Login" and "Can't Login". The default option is "Can Login", which means that the user CAN access the application. On the other hand, "Can't Login" means that the user CANNOT access the application. In other words, the user is blocked. There are a two main reasons why an administrator may want this:

Block employees who no longer work for the organization

Usually, when someone leaves the company or gets fired, their access to the corporate intranet and other internal systems gets revoked. If they don't belong in the organization anymore, they don't belong in the internal systems either. Read the Complete Post

An Underestimated Collaboration Tool in AceProject – The Discussion Forum

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Nowadays, we hear more about wikis, blogs and tweets than forums. Actually, forums are not as "Web 2.0" as these collaboration tools. Nevertheless, discussion forums are incredibly useful in a project management application, from a collaboration standpoint. 

Everybody's talking about Twitter and how cool it is to post 140-character messages. I definitely agree with that. However, let's not forget that a forum enables you to post both short and long messages. With Twitter, if you have a lot to say, you'll have to post several short messages, which is not always convenient and interesting to read. A forum still remains the best of both worlds. Read the Complete Post