The API, huh?

AceProject is able to do some incredible things…but not everything. Sometimes you wish “if only there was a way to (fill in the blank)”. Well, if you didn’t know this already, AceProject comes with a fairly complete API or Application Programming Interface. I won’t say that now you have endless possibilities…but you almost have endless possibilities. The API is a function library that can be accessed outside of the AceProject interface to do some really nifty things.

If you are like me and have little or no experience in programming, wouldn’t you want to have access to this powerful mechanism? Say for example that you want to extract some information directly to Excel because for some reason it is not accessible to export from the AceProject interface?…well, now you can.

The following video shows how to extract a GUID and get data to come into Excel without any programming…take a look:

What could one do with the API? (with a little help from a programmer)

Connect systems together and exchange data – Do you have a third party system that you wished you could feed data into AceProject or vice-versa?

Develop your own data entry screen – Perhaps you want to completely hide the AceProject interface and simplify it for certain users?

Create and automate customized reports – Tired of exporting data from the interface to create that needed specialized report?

…and anything that you could dream up.

Just for your information, the mobile web interface, the  iOS and Android native apps were all created using the APIs.


For complete information on the API (function library, documentation, etc) click here