AceProject is constantly evolving. Once again, several improvements and details have appeared in the system:
  • On the Edit Task page, a Properties icon takes you directly to the project configuration page.
  • The system now checks that simultaneous changes do not cause data loss: when two users are making changes to a task simultaneously, AceProject will stop the second user’s update from overwriting the first user’s modifications.
  • Daily and weekly totals are now displayed in the time approval page.
  • A drop-down list is available to choose the month and year in the project calendar.
  • Ergonomics has been improved in the Add a Week page: you can browse one or four weeks in time.
  • AceProject now validates your projects and tasks’ dates. Hence, if you set a task’s dates outside the project’s scope, you will get an error message. Likewise, if you set the project’s end date before a task’s end date, you will get an error message.