Earlier this week I posted a piece about keeping in mind that we are working with people, and as project managers we should not become obsessed with the processes and methodologies.

The post created such interesting discussions on Linkedin I’ve decided to share some here:

  • Paul McKelvey wrote:
    “Reward is another thing humans like. It may be cash, but it can be recognition. We call it the “psychic paycheck.”
  • Peter Michaelson wrote:
    “The team is a must for project success and the component of the team are the people. Each one has unique personalities that the project manager must understand and be able to work with.”
  • Ajaya Gupta wrote:
    “Doing things right and the right way is a hallmark for success”
  • Ned Robins wrote:
    “Teams are like families. They grow. Good leaders are like good fathers. Occasionally they dish out a spanking. More often they give a little thanks and praise. But they ALWAYS care. A lot. About every member of the team. “
  • Maria Puntel wrote:
    “We can have the best tools, excellent processes in place, but without a good team you will not get the results you expect. The secret of having a good team is making people feel that they are needed, they play an important part in the project, we really care about their ideas or suggestions, and they are respected.”
  • Peter Burg wrote:
    “The United States Air Force defines leadership as the art of influencing people to pursue a common goal. This article states that project management is about a group of people working together to achieve a common goal. My experience is that balancing management and leadership is quite a challenge.”
  • Marsha Pourmand wrote:
    “Project management is the process of following the process and established guidelines by the team and Project Manager and line managers, etc… to accomplish the stated objectives, including managing the resources and people. In my opinion it is a process first, maintained and measured and adjusted by people!”
  • Tom Magee wrote:
    “Candy and coffee arte great project management tools. “
  • Jun Bucao wrote:
    “It’s about the processes created by humans. Taking care of both helps. Select the right ‘humans’ to create the right processes is great. It’s when you have the wrong ‘humans’ creating the processes or the right ‘humans’ creating the wrong processes”
  • Jim Lacey wrote:
    “Managing projects requires holistic orchestration of all available resources.”
  • Pjotr Myakoshin wrote:
    “It does not matter what framework you are using – Agile, PMP, etc. There is one simple rule – it is not you, who is doing the project – it is project team. Without them – you (we! 🙂 ) are just a lonely person with responsibility to deliver… “
  • Alan Sim wrote:
    “I think PM is about making processes work for humans. Standard processes will not work because each human is different and the team is comprised of many different humans working in different & changing environment. We have to constantly make fine adjustments to the processes.”
  • James Forsyth wrote:
    “People need rules, direction and a clear goal, this added to a team leader/ manager that gets buy in from the team, explains everybody’s role and expected outcome and you have the makings of a successful project.”

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