Spring is upon us.  The sun is shining, the snow is melting, the birds are singing, and we have been busy adding new features to make your experience using AceProject even more enjoyable. The new features touch many aspects of AceProject, from documents to time management. Take a look at the short video that shows you what is new and/or read below:

Time Management Settings

A new Time Management configuration/settings functionality is now available.  These are global account settings.  This provides better control over how a user enters time:

“I do not want my users to enter time on completed tasks” (no problem)
“Users can modify their timeclock start and end times?  How can I stop this?” (solved as well)
“I want users to place time against a task…not against the project (or vice-versa)?” (yup…it’s there)
(Do I hear Adminstrators cheering?)

Here is the settings dialogue, located under Admin -> Edit Account -> Time Settings

A “nightshift” mode has also been added to solve the spilling over of one’s Timeclock to the next day. When active, all time will be placed on the Starting day (1 Time item) whereas before, time would be separated between the 2 days in question (2 Time items created).

By default, no settings are modified in your acount (the settings in your project are the default settings in this dialogue)

Task Document Edition

Remember that you had to download, modify, and then upload your document just to change its name?!?!  Well, no longer.  An Edit Document interface has been added to simplify document changes such as changing the version number, document name and description.  You may also notice that unlocking/locking as well as making the document public is faster and there is no page reload.

Time and Expense Custom Status Types

There were numerous requests to be able to add your own Time and Expense Status Types.  It is here!   Now after an expense item is approved, another status could be made to show that an expense has been paid.  Adding custom Time and Expense Statuses makes AceProject more flexible to accommodate ways that you want to work.

Task Parameters Change Directly from Edit Task Page

An administrator or project manager can now add or modify task status, group, type and priority values directly from the Edit Task page through a pop-up dialogue interface.


The complete list of changes and bug fixes may be seen in our Changes History page.