A number of enhancements have been added to this most recent update to AceProject. Our efforts continue to provide a more uniform experience throughout the application as well as increase the productivity.

Open Task in New Browser Window

Using Ctrl + click on any Task Summary will open a new browser tab and open the task on the Edit page. The advantage of course is that you can open multiple tabs to easily access frequently visited tasks. This also works directly from an email notification. Tab names have been modified to reflect the task # and name.


A visual indicator has been added that can also simply be clicked to have the same action when a task is open in the Edit Task page.



Sorting/Ordering on Assigned Users

The Assigned and Reviewers fields in a task list are now able to be ordered. Click on the column header to apply ascending and descending order. Alternatively you can now add this ordering in the Show/Hide Columns dialogue. Be advised that with multiple assigned users, the ordering will use the first user (alphabetic).



Task History with Multiple Tiers

The changing of multiple items in the same task update are now presented more clearly in the Task History page.


Other Improvements

  • The text on the browser tab now indicates the context of the page opened. Now, if you have multiple tabs opened, you can now see by the title (task number and summary) of what tasks are opened and easily access.
  • On the New Project page upon selecting a Project template, if it contains a description it will auto-populate the Description field and could be used for the new project.

The complete list of changes and bug fixes may be seen in our Change History page.