Valentines day has just past.  AceProject would like to extend this day and share the love with some new enhancements and fixes that aim to please.  Over the past several months you have seen many small changes that enhance the user experience.  This month is no different.  Our goal is to make your workflow more fluid and provide you with the functionality to make day to day use easier.  Many of the enhancements that you see in AceProject come from our users.  Although they do not all make it in, we take in and discuss all submissions.  Let’s take a look and see what is served up in this update, shall we?

Action on tasks from Home task list

Bulk updates were recently introduced at the project level.  This has now been introduced at the Home level, allowing a user to delete multiple tasks from multiple projects at the same time.

Wait, there is more…bulk delete of projects from the Home -> Projects list.  Yes you heard me.  Don’t worry admins, the function/ability becomes available only if a user has the rights, of course!

Timeclock improvement

For those that enter time using the timeclock…hold onto your seats!  You can now start and stop the timeclock from the Edit Task page on the right panel.  Talk about a time saver (pun intended).  You can now navigate to another page and the clock keeps running.  Stop it and start it on another task with the minimum number of clicks.

Add documents at the Home -> Documents page

A new button has been added to add documents at the Home level.  You no longer have to navigate into a project to add a document, but simply select the document and select the project.

The complete list of changes and bug fixes may be seen in our Changes History page.