We are back out of hibernation from an extended holiday break. In this latest release, the Task Gantt chart has been replaced and now conforms with the Project Gantt chart, using the same technical component. This new Gantt is a big improvement on what was previously included. Check out also the many improvements and bug fixes that have been done throughout the application. View the following video showing the new Gantt chart and more:

New Task Gantt Chart Functionality

After a fairly lengthy implementation period, the development team has finally put the finishing touches on the new Gantt chart (Accessible via Tasks>Gantt, form the left main menu) that harmonizes with the Project Gantt chart. One of the most exciting things to come out of this is that dependencies can now be set directly within the Gantt chart as well as ordering of tasks. Also, you can now dynamically change start and end dates as well as modify the progression %, all in one location. It does a great job, however, there is room for some improvements yet.

Bulk Selections using SHIFT + Click

Task lists and other lists where check boxes exist before the item are now selectable using the Shift key in combination with a mouse click to bulk select the items. No more selecting/deselecting one at a time.

Other Changes

  • Improvements in performance on loading a large number of tasks
  • Edit Task page on the Update button, a new option Update “+ Add another task”
  • In the Notification email for Approval/Rejection, link now provided taking user to the week in question
  • In the Task Dependencies tab on the Edit Task Page, the icon for setting mandatory has been made a simple checkbox for better clarity.


The complete list of changes and bug fixes may be seen in our Changes History page.