Summer is finally in full swing and AceProject has added more exciting enhancements. Our aim is to make you more productive and to make the interface easier to understand for those new clients continually coming on board. Two of the major enhancements this month, specifically the Timeclock on a pop-up dialogue, and the User Assistant were suggested via user requests. Either watch the following short video and/or read below to see what has been added this month.

Timeclock Pop-Up

In past versions the timeclock was on a page that needed to be navigated to in order to set and start/stop.  You were always losing your place and had to navigate back to the page you were on.  It is now conveniently located on a pop-up dialogue box that you simply open when needed and dismiss.

User Assistant

Ever want to create multiple users at the same time?  AceProject has developed a new Add User Assistant to accomplish this task. This step-by-step Assistant will allow you to set up as many users as required and easily apply settings. You can even select an existing user and apply these settings to the new users. Access to the User Assistant is through the Add User drop-down arrow “Advanced Mode”.


Edit Project Status, Type and Priority from Edit Project Page

Accessing parameters is now easier throughout the application by simply clicking the edit icon beside the parameter. A pop-up dialogue will present you with options to either add or modify items.


Preview Document Slideshow

When opening an attachment from a task or a list and there are multiple items, use the arrow keys on the keyboard or click on the left/right arrows that appear to advance to the next attachment’s preview.


Other Enhancements/Modifications Worth Noting:

    • New document/attachment section added in the Edit Expense page
    • “Text to search” functionality added on the Expense Approval filter panel to allow searching via text in the Summary and comments fields
    • An expense must now be rejected before it is deleted aligning it to the same philosophy as the time module
    • For linked projects (those that were created from a template), a new pop-up dialogue to see the parent/child relationships and access the projects
    • The developers here have gone to great lengths to improve the performance for those with high activity (100s of users, 1000s of projects, etc) accounts. An effort to load drop down lists on-demand and quicker allows faster page refreshing and hopefully a smoother user experience.


The complete list of changes and bug fixes may be seen in our Changes History page.