Summer is coming fast and today we’re glad to announce the changes we made in June 2012.


  • Upon replying to an AceProject task update/assignment notification, an email notification will automatically be sent to the user replying to the notif (regardless of whether “Notify me every time I create or update a task” is checked or not) as a confirmation of his/her task update.
  • Terminology adjustments to the project assignment/unassignment email notification.
  •  “—– Write above this line to post a reply —–” added in task assignment/update email notifications.
  • New FAQ-based searchable help system unveiled.
  • Maximum number of tasks for a task import set to 2000.
  • Email notification added for bulk project assignment/un-assignment.
  • “Assigned” and “Reviewer” columns added in the Task Reminder email.
  • Modifications to the “Task Limit Reached” e-mail notification.
  • Task assignment and update notifications now all have “Created/Modified” in the Subject of the email.
  • “Remember Filters” checkboxes added in all Portfolio -> Projects and My Office -> Projects pages.
  • When a user is assigned to a project via the “Edit Task” page, the C2 Edit Task Level access right is granted automatically.

Bugs fixed

The complete list of fixed bugs can be found on our Changes History.