If we wear an ill-fitted shoe, there will be friction between our foot and the shoe. If left unchecked, this friction will turn into a painful blister. Afterward, we will be unwilling to wear the shoe again because of the pain that friction cause our poor foot.

The same process happens if there is friction in our projects. If friction prevents someone from doing their job on the project, they will associate these negative impressions with the project as a whole.

This is why we should work hard at removing friction and making things easy for the project team, internal and external.

It should be easy

  • It should be easy for the stakeholder to request changes
  • It should be easy to a member of your team to raise a flag about an issue with the project
  • It should be easy to the sponsor to know how the project is going.
  • It should be easy for everyone involved with the project to know what's the next step 

How easy are these things in your project?