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Version 2010.10.28 – Actual Date Fields Added to Task Reports

With the addition of the “Actual Start Date” and “Actual End Date” fields in version 4.8, we had to make these fields available in task reports.

From now on, these date fields will be available in the following reports, at both the project and project portfolio levels:

  • Task Report by Date: Both fields have been added to the date drop-down filters and show up next to the “Estimated End Date” column in the report.
  • Overview Task Report: Both fields show up next to the “Estimated End Date” column in the report.
  • Non-Assigned Task Report: Both fields show up next to the “Estimated End Date” column in the report.
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Version 2010.09.15 – Show/Hide Columns Updates

Since we added expense tracking to AceProject 4.8, we had to make the new fields available in task lists. From now on, you’ll be able to add the “Estimated Expenses”, “Actual Expenses”, and “My Actual Expenses” fields to the “Show/Hide Columns” option in the “My Tasks”, “Incomplete Tasks” and “Completed Tasks” pages. We also added the “Actual Start Date” and “Actual End Date” fields to the “Show/Hide Columns” option.

Furthermore, we renamed the following fields:

  • Estimated ->Estimated Hours
  • Actuals ->Actual Hours
  • Due-Date ->End Date
  • Start Date ->Estimated Start Date
  • End Date ->Estimated End Date

Feel free to contact us should you have any inquiries with regards to this update.

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We’ve Upgraded 100 Accounts to Version 4.8 today

We are glad to announce that another group of users now benefits of AceProject’s new version today. The migration is running smoothly. We are really proud of this version, which has been several months in the making.

All remaining accounts that are still on version 4.7 will be migrated to version 4.8 in early October 2010.

Here are the release notes for version 4.8 :
Expense Tracking – After years of requests for this, here it is! You can now submit and approve expenses, as well as generate reports. The expense tracking module works as does the time tracking module. Hence, you’ll be up and running with these functionalities in no time. This feature can be disabled at the account level. Hence, if you don’t want to track expenses, the interface will not make any mention of expenses whatsoever.

Weekend Management – We offer more flexibility with regards to how work weeks are managed. You can now indicate whether weekends are working days or not at the task level. Furthermore, if you use task dependencies and […]

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Changes to the Edit Task Information page in version 4.8

If you’re like me (and I’m sure you are on this count), you’re chomping at the bit to get your hands on version 4.8. Hang on, it’s coming.

In the meantime, here’s a preview of some changes you’ll notice in version 4.8’s Edit Task Information page.

1. The Assignment tab disappears

That’s right! No more navigation required to assign users to your task. You’ll have an «Assignment» group right underneath the Details field for that. When creating a new task, the assignment grid will be displayed. Otherwise, it will be hidden by default and the «Show the Assignment Grid» toggle will allow you to reach the grid in order to make changes therein.

2. Smartphone support for the Details and Comment fields

If you’re a smartphone user, you’ve noticed that your device does not recognize both of these fields as text boxes. We’ve come up with a solution which will now allow you to input data in both of these fields.

3. Estimates and Actuals

Many of you have requested […]

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What happened to Microsoft?

Remember that software giant that helped make computers mainstream, thanks to its operating system called Windows? Remember the company that took the market shares of Corel, Lotus and IBM back in the 90s? Remember that browser that we all used to surf the web, you know, the blue E? Internet Explorer, that's right. I'm talking about Microsoft. Brings back memories huh?

Microsoft used to crush their competitors back in the day, but things have changed dramatically over the last few years. A combination of bad decisions, lack of improvement and innovation, and especially, lack of success with everything related to the Cloud has led them to where they are today. This is sad, really sad. Actually, Microsoft still offers some of the most robust and reliable applications on the market, there is not even the shadow of a doubt about this. However, other players have released innovative products that make Microsoft's products look more 1995 than 2010. Microsoft isn't  #1 in so many fields, it is such a pity they let their products slip away to […]

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