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The new quiet revolution?

Webcom in Montreal today was a very stimulating conference. While the last one, in May, was all about being open (APIs, OpenID, etc), this one seems to be all about 2.0. The revolution in marketing, medias, products and doing business in the modern world.

In the spirit of the conference, I decided to use Google Wave to document the conferences I was going to attend during the day. A few participants joined me in my documentation of the wave. I’ve had a Google Wave account (and the envy of more than a few of my peers) for a few weeks now, but I hadn’t had a chance to really use it.

With Webcom, everyone was taking notes and sharing their impressions of Webcom. While I was more inclined to summarize what was being said, others we adding context and reference links. The result is a rather complete document of the talks. It was more than a wiki (no coding required) and it was more than simple collaboration (everyone is in the same document and […]

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Why open is the new green (in technology)

Last week at the Webcom conference, the big buzzword was open: open networking, open mesh, open social, open products, etc.

The era of the Web 2.0 is over. It’s now the Web ME.0.  ME.0 is about the individual. Not the products. Not the technologies. Not the businesses.

The people.

And those people are not interested in remembering 15 different passwords, or recreating 15 diffierent profiles on 15 different sites and products. Already, we’re seeing most sites using the email address as the username to log in. We’re seeing initiatives like OpenSocial getting attention from the likes of Google and Yahoo. We’re seeing more and more products opening their databases via APIs. We’re seeing more products designed to centralize social network updating.

Businesses are making their products easier to use, instead of locking their customers in.

Everyone wants an open product, an open platform and an open relationship with their suppliers and clients.

Open is THE online business and technology trend this year, just like green is THE brick-and-mortar business trend this year.

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Webcom 2009: quotes

We are back from Webcom 2009 and Quebec City’s local PMI chapter meeting. A lot of speeches were heard, a lot of PowerPoint slides were squinted at, and we left both conferences with our heads filled with ideas.

Here my favorite quotes from Webcom 2009:

“Software is not about making money. Software is about changing lives. Giving people something they could never do before.” – Marc Canter, Broadband Mechanics

“At the end of the day, marketing is selling.” – Darren Guanarcia, Sitecore

“Ergonomy = utility + usability” – Anastasia Simitsis,

“Authentication is not identification.” – Charles Nouyrit,

“Facebook is a CRM for people. The days of the anonymous web is over. People expect more.” – Clara Shih, Salesforce

“The individual is the heart of the Web of the future.” – Sébastien Forest, Canoe

“Open is the new green.” – Sylvain Carle, Praized

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Webcom2009 in Montreal

We’ll be attending Webcom 2009 in Montreal on Wednesday. It’s refreshing to see an event with such interesting speakers close to home (Websystems is located in Quebec City).

An event like WebCom is a great source of inspiration. It’s a way to look at the world through other people’s eyes.

Here are the conferences I’m looking forward to attending:

If you’ll be in attendance, drop us a line and we’ll meet up in between conferences!

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