We receive suggestions for new features every week. When I do live demos with future clients, they regularly request new features as well.

We really like receiving these suggestions. They give us a pulse of the market, of what people are looking for.

A year ago people were asking for Salesforce integration a lot. Six months ago it was baselines. These days, people are asking to automated resource leveling.

Now I’m not saying those are not great features to have in AceProject. Quite the contrary. However, these requests come and go. They’re trends.

Over the last 2 years, one feature that has been requested consistently is cost-tracking. It’s a big feature.

And we’ve decided to do it!

Cost tracking will be included in AceProject 4.8

We chose to develop the cost tracking feature because it’s been requested consistently for a long time. This tells us it’s a true need for AceProject, not just a trend. Seeing how implementing cost tracking will take a lot of time and effort, we wouldn’t have done if we had identified it as a trend.

Next time: I’ll tell you about cost tracking in AceProject! We’re still in the design phase, so your comments are greatly appreciated.