Here is the monthly digest for August 2012.

What’s new?

All AceProject staff have returned from summer vacations and are raring to put the final touches on the soon to be released new interface of AceProject (code name “Ace 6.0”). E-mail invitations for the beta program have been sent out and the beta phase is just around the corner.

Bugs fixed

The complete list of bug fixes can be found on our Changes History.

Nexus 7 tablet contest

Thank you all for the tremendous participation in the contest and for your great suggestions. You may expect many of your ideas to find their way in AceProject in the coming months.

Choosing a winner was a challenge. In some cases, it was not clear to us exactly what was being requested. We also, unfortunately, had to give less importance to the number of Likes on certain suggestions given one could easily make a case that the participant did not truly know AceProject in the 1st place and/or that the number of Likes was disproportionate to the quality of the entry. We apologize if some of the rules of the contest might have been unclear and if AceProject staff refrained, as much as we possibly could, from commenting on participant suggestions and, in the process, bias voters.

Before announcing the winner, allow us to award a few participants with Honorable Mentions.

    1. António Henriques: for submitting a total of 9 excellent ideas (by far the winner in that category).
    2. Aurimas Dapkevicius and Sanya Svergoun: for the request to provide the ability to pause during a timeclock session.
    3. Thaddaeus Clay: for the JavaScript tour plugin. Our developers will most certainly be testing that out in the coming days.
    4. Bob Rutkowski: Would like the ability to format the timesheet report. Some clients require that they have signatures on the timesheet. Since this is a customer facing document it needs to have our logo, a client and employee signature line and the details on the tasks.
    5. Linda Langehennig White: I would like the ability to select >1 item within a drop down menu when running a Time Report ie by using Ctrl key within User Groups to pick say 3 or 4 user groups for my report.

Without further ado, our winner (drumroll here)… Alex Lnchi. Congratulations Alex! You win the Nexus 7 tablet for the following enhancement request…

Alex Lnchi: The ability to edit weekly time sheets like an excel spreadsheet would be nice. That is, I want to be able to fill in hourly information for an entire day (multiple projects and tasks) at once without having to switch between pages.

You may congratulate Alex in the contest area. We will be contacting him shortly so that we may send him the tablet. We will also be implementing your suggestion in the very near future.