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AceProject gets upgraded tonight

AceProject 4.6 is ready. We will begin the upgrade cycle tonight, with the free accounts, the Hosted-Standard accounts and the Hosted-Advanced accounts.

AceProject 4.6 was developed in 10 short weeks. We experimented with the Agile product development methodology: shorter development cycles coupled with complete product testing and documentation at the end of each cycle, instead of just at the end.

The results are amazing. We were able to release AceProject faster. More than that I believe testing at each development phase will give a higher quality product for you, our users. The more bugs we were able to find before the release, the fewer you will find when your accounts get upgraded to the new version.

Please tell us your impressions of the new AceProject!

What’s new in AceProject 4.6?

  • We now have inactive project templates, project templates that exist exclusively
    as templates. With inactive templates, users don’t receive email notifications
    and task reminders to its tasks. Moreover, tasks that belong to inactive project
    templates are not displayed in task lists and reports.
  • AceProject now allows you to share a document
    with someone who […]
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A New Version, A New Help System

As the help pages writer for AceProject, let me talk a bit about our new help system.

I’m actually a musician and one of my main influences is the rock group Kiss. I love their musicianship, their music and their stage show, of course, but they also taught me great things in life. They often said in interviews that they built the rock band they had never seen and always dreamed of. I realize that this is exactly what we do at Websystems, in the project management software business. We built the tool we had never seen and always dreamed of. Our new help pages are based upon the same motto: This is the help section I have never seen and always dreamed of.

Personally, when I look at help pages in general, I’m unsatisfied most of the time. It looks as though help is something that must be provided, but the time spent on its writing should be minimal. That’s not our philosophy. We want to provide quality support, and quality help files, in order to […]

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More AceProject 4.6 peeks!

AceProject 4.6’s development is going well! We are progressing much faster with the agile development method. Overall, this method makes AceProject 4.6 always ready to be released, because we test and document each iteration, instead of waiting at the end to find and fix the bugs. This turns out to be much more efficient.

Thanks our great development team, I can show you more of AceProject 4.6.

Task History

Many clients love our Task History feature, which logs all changes to a task automatically. Unfortunately, this option was not enabled by default in AceProject, we everyone had to remember to always check that little box. Well, not anymore. Task History will now be enabled by default when you create a project:

Google Chrome support

AceProject already supports Safari. Since Safari and Chrome use the same Webkit, it wasn’t a big challenge for us to support Chrome. Plus, the ability to make application shortcuts is a nice way to have AceProject on your desktop!

Task comments in the user tab

It used to be that you […]

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A sneak peak at AceProject 4.6

We are entering out third and last cycle of development for AceProject 4.6. So far, the agile method has been working well, and we think AceProject 4.6 will benefit greatly from shorter iterative development cycles.

Today, I want to show you three really nice improvements we’ve made to AceProject.

No need to close the task to save your changes

We were getting a lot of comments from our users about the inability to just Save a task in AceProject. Before 4.6, you need to navigate to another tab or close the task in order to save your changes. It was annoying and a waste of time.

Well, not anymore!  We’ve added a new option to the Update button: Update + Keep Open.

Documents go public

Another request we had from our user was about documents, that it woul be nice to permit some documents to be seen by people outside their AceProject team. We thought that was a great idea!

Now, AceProject task and project documents can be public. When a document is public, anyone who […]

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