• Add task
  • Edit task
  • Assign a user to a task
  • Change task status
  • Complete a task
  • View a Completed task
  • Comment on a task
  • Add a document to a task
  • Filter tasks within a list
  • Change visible columns on a task list
  • Batch update tasks within a project
  • Export task list
  • Create a Recurrent Task
  • Create a task by email


  • Open an existing project
  • Access the Edit Project page
  • Create a project template and create a project from it
  • Complete a project


  • Add a user though Quick add
  • Edit a user through the Administration section
  • Assign user to a project


  • Get to the Administration section
  • Activate the Time and Expense modules
  • Deactivate a user
  • Change the logos and colors
  • Disable/Enable Task reminder emails
  • Invite users into the account
  • Export projects, tasks , users from the account
  • Import tasks and users (in batch)


  • Add Time
  • Edit Time
  • Submit Timesheet
  • Start/stop timeclock
  • Time approval


  • Add expense
  • Submit an expense
  • Approve an expense


  • Create a Custom Task report
  • Create a Custom Time Report
  • Create an Expense Report
  • View Workload Report

Gantt Chart

  • Open Task Gantt Chart
  • Edit task in Gantt Chart
  • Create a Task Dependency
  • Delete a Task Dependency
  • Open a Project Gantt Chart


  • Difference between home and project context
  • User vs Project access rights
  • How to upgrade