If you create a project (or have created one in the past) which you would like to use as a template to create new projects with, the first step in the process is to mark this project as a template. Here’s how.

  1. Select Home -> Projects -> Projects.
  2. Click on the project Number link to bring up the Edit Project page.
  3. Next to «Project Template» in the «Settings» area, select «Dynamic template» if your project is being monitored (is a real live project) or «Static template» if it is a «dummy» project and will only be used as a basis to create «real» projects.
  4. Click on «Update».

Now, you may create new projects based on the preceding template as follows:

  1. Select Home -> Projects -> Add a Project.
  2. In part 1 of the screen that will appear, select «Copy a project from this template» and then choose your template in the dropdown just right of this option.
  3. You may choose several items to copy over from your parent to your child project as you may see in the «Copy a project from this template» area.
  4. Complete the project creation process.

When you create a project based on a template, all Task Group, Task Type, Task Priority and Task Status values in the template are copied over to your new project.

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