1. Upload (POST) document to the address:


You will get a “json” response in return, like:

   "name": "yourfilename.jpeg",
   "name_tmp": "b9251027-4102-43fc-9a44-68c2edfcdc91.jpeg",
   "size": 8239,
   "type": "image/jpeg",
   "success": true,
   "error": ""

Then, you can use that name_tmp. to attach your upload to a task or document, like this:

POST to: api.aceproject.com, with these parameters
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded

fct: SaveTaskDocument
guid: your-api-guid
taskId: 123
FilenameTemp: name_tmp from previous call
Filename: name from previous call (or other custom filename)
fct: SaveProjectDocument
guid: your-api-guid
projectId: xxx
fileinfos: name_tmp;name (e.g. b9251027-4102-43fc-9a44-68c2edfcdc91.jpeg:yourfilename.jpeg

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