Due to the growing complexity of the application, the ever-changing technology it makes use of as well as the variety and little control we have over our clients’ server configurations, support for the Intranet package became unmanageable over time. Management regretfully decided to phase out the Intranet Package in September 2012. The August 2012 version of AceProject (hereinafter referred to as AceProject 5.0) will be the last one support will be provided for.

If your organization has a license of AceProject’s Source Code / Intranet Package and you had planned to upgrade to the latest version of AceProject, please consider the option below:

Move Online

You may request to move to a Hosted Package (online account). Our tech team will migrate your current data free of charge so that you may resume using AceProject online. You get the benefit of automatic updates to the latest version of AceProject for the duration of your subscription without the hassle (and potential issues) of server maintenance and having to handle updates yourselves. You may see privileges and pricing for our Hosted Packages here:  https://www.aceproject.com/pricing/

Please get in touch with AceProject customer service at support@AceProject.com if you have any questions or wish to proceed


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