Only “active” projects are taken into account against the package limitations indicated in our Hosted Packages Description Page. By “active” projects, we mean “incomplete” projects. Once a project has been set to completed, it no longer counts towards the package limitations (thus freeing space for a new project). All historical data associated with a completed project is maintained and remains accessible in read-only mode. A completed project can be reopened for further editing only by a project manager or account administrator.

It is possible to change the status of a user to “inactive” when, for instance, an employee leaves your organization. This allows you to sidestep user deletion and therefore retain all historical information associated with the user. An “inactive” user does not count towards the user limitation of your package (if applicable).

The disk space limitation refers to the total disk space that your documents (Project Documents, Task Documents, Expense Documents) may take up. The disk space that your AceProject database occupies is not taken into account.

AceProject will not allow you to exceed your package limitations. For instance, if you have already reached the maximum number of active projects your package allows and try to add a new project, AceProject will issue an error message.

At all times, you may monitor the number of active projects you have and the number remaining as well as the total disk space used and remaining under Administration => Account > Account Status . You may also upgrade to another hosted package from this page.

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