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AceProject’s New Look to be Revealed Soon

Summer time is great for taking care of things we have been waiting to accomplish for a long time. This year, we have not slowed down at all and decided to take on a huge project, that is, revamping AceProject's interface completely. We are not talking about color changes and a couple of new fields. Actually, several interface have been either eliminated, rethought or added.

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AceProject Licenses Pledged to Japan

In an effort to give Japanese companies a hand during the recent earthquake's aftermath, Websystems, Inc. offers 100 free one-year licenses to their highest project management software-as-a-service (SaaS) package, AceProject.

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Bienvenido, gestores de proyectos

After getting reviewed by on February 3, 2011, we found out that a Spanish website picked it up and wrote a review in their language. We also found out two interesting things. First, hispanic people call us Ace Proyect and second, we have been getting coverage from hispanic websites. Several Spanish articles and reviews about AceProject exist.

With all that taken into account, we have decided to help hispanic project managers find us more easily by purchasing the domain. Hispanic people, since you manage proyectos, we understand that you replace the J with a Y in “Project”.

Who knows? Maybe someday we’ll offer a Spanish version of AceProject and help hispanic people  liberar el jefe de proyectos en ellos!

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Chrome Users, We’re in the Chrome Web Store!

The Chrome Web Store was officially launched on Tuesday, December 7, 2010. For those who don’t know, the Chrome Web Store is basically a directory of apps, extensions, themes and collections for Google’s web browser. Apps are a new concept in Chrome and since AceProject is a web app, we thought it’d be a good idea to make it available in that store.

If you are both a Chrome and an AceProject user, we suggest you add AceProject to your Chrome apps. To do so, go to this link: and click the “Install” button.

Your comments and ratings will be welcome!

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What happened to Microsoft?

Remember that software giant that helped make computers mainstream, thanks to its operating system called Windows? Remember the company that took the market shares of Corel, Lotus and IBM back in the 90s? Remember that browser that we all used to surf the web, you know, the blue E? Internet Explorer, that's right. I'm talking about Microsoft. Brings back memories huh?

Microsoft used to crush their competitors back in the day, but things have changed dramatically over the last few years. A combination of bad decisions, lack of improvement and innovation, and especially, lack of success with everything related to the Cloud has led them to where they are today. This is sad, really sad. Actually, Microsoft still offers some of the most robust and reliable applications on the market, there is not even the shadow of a doubt about this. However, other players have released innovative products that make Microsoft's products look more 1995 than 2010. Microsoft isn't  #1 in so many fields, it is such a pity they let their products slip away to […]

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Irritants are important, too

When selling a product or service, we tend to focus on the attractive traits of the product. Having the best features. Meeting the bestest, newest requirements on the market. Making the prospective customer's eye twinkle when they see our product.

That's very important, because if there is no seduction, no twinkling in the eyes, there is no sale. The product has to be attractive.

However, once the client has been won over,  we have to keep her interested in the product. If the product is aggravating to use, all the seduction in the world won't keep the client using the product.

You see, it's like dating

On the first date, we're on our best behavior. We're dressed in our best and we make every effort to shine a positive light on ourselves. As the weeks go, we become more comfortable and that's when we find out if we can tolerate the other's quirks. That's when light sleepers find out if their new love snores, and when neat freaks figure out that they're dating a slob.

Don't let your clients be […]

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eBook review: Coaching Practices for Managers

Project management is, in my opinion, much more about soft skills than processes and forms.

In this short ebook published by the government of Canada, we get valuable advice and techniques to improve our leadership.

Coaching Practices for Managers is a handbook to learn how to understand beyond what the person is really saying. It's built to make the reader think about their own acts and their own situation, so it makes it less theory and more practice.

For example, the book teaches us how to see the hidden request and commitments on complaints. If someone is complaining that it takes too long to receive approvals, we can see that this person is committed to delivering on time, and that she is looking for ways to speed up the approval process.

None of what's in Coaching Practices for Managers is rocket science. It's simple stuff that we can take away and use to improve how we manage our project teams.

Something I especially likes about the ebook: it can be […]

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