Here are a few important things you should know when importing users:

  • When you export your users, the export file will contain stars (“*********”) in the Password field for all users to mask the actual passwords. If you wish to perform mass modifications to user profile information through an export/import procedure, do not make any modifications to the Password field (leave the  “*********” ). When the import function sees these stars in the password field, it does not make any changes to the password. This will avoid having a situation where suddenly all your users can’t login and need to perform a password reset.
  • If a field is nonmandatory and you wish to edit an existing user profile through import without changing the existing value in that field, leave the field out of the CSV altogether. If your CSV includes the header for that field and you do not provide any value for that field for an existing user (meaning that you don’t type anything between the delimiters for that field), AceProject will remove the existing value for that field, replacing it with a “Null” or default value.

For further information on user import, please refer to this help topic.

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