Here is a step-by-step to create a new project.

  1. Click on the right edge of the “Home” tab in the top frame and select “+ New Project” in the pulldown menu.
  2. On the “New Project” page, select whether you want to create a blank project or whether you want to create one based on a project template. For all details regarding project templates, please refer to this help page or this knowledge base topic.
  3. Enter the new project’s parameters and click “Save” when you’re done.
  4. AceProject will now display the list of users assigned to the project. Unless you have created your new project using a template, you will be the only one in that list. You can assign other users to your new project using the “Assign a New User” button.
  5. When you’re done assigning users to your new project, you can click on the project tab of your new project in the top frame (that project tab should be highlighted) to bring up the task list page. The next step in the process will be to create tasks in your new project.

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