Here are a few reasons why you might not be receiving one or several e-mail notifications:

  1. There is a typo in the e-mail address in your user profile. You may see and edit your personal e-mail address through  “Edit my Profile” (avatar in top right hand corner of screen) .
  2. You are not set up to receive a task assignment/update e-mail notifications. Make sure the necessary checkboxes are checked in the E-mail Notifications section under  “Edit my Profile”.
  3. For task assignment/update e-mail notifications, AceProject does not send out an e-mail notification to the user who performed the assignment/update unless the “Notify me when I create, update or delete a task” checkbox is checked  in the user’s profile.
  4. For task assignment/update e-mail notifications,  the user who performed the assignment/update might have checked the “Do not notify” checkbox prior to saving or updating the task.
  5. No email notifications are sent out when tasks in Static Templates are created, updated or deleted.
  6. For the daily Task Reminder e-mail notification, you must be assigned to or reviewer on at least one “To Start Soon”, “Soon Due” or “Overdue” task for AceProject to send you an e-mail.
  7. You might have some e-mail notifications being filtered as spam by your e-mail client application (Outlook, Gmail, etc.).
  8. Your mail server might be identifying AceProject email notifications as spam. This often happens when AceProject e-mail notifications have FROM and TO e-mail addresses from the same domain (for instance, and Under  Administration => Account > Edit Account , in the E-mail Notification section of the page, we suggest you use the following configuration (which is the way AceProject sets your account up by default) to avoid such situations:

Default E-mail =

E-mail Notification Sender = Default E-mail

Only as a last resort, and provided you are certain that AceProject e-mail notifications are being blocked by your mail server, should you consider setting up a custom SMTP server under  Administration => Account  > Edit Account. (option limited to certain pre-October 2014 accounts)

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