Account Administrators have access to a restricted area of the interface accessible through the Administration button located near the top right-hand corner of the screen (the button is only visible to Administrators).

In this area, administrators may configure their account. Namely, they can…

  • Add/edit/delete Users, User Groups, Expense Types, Project Types, Project Priorities, Project Statuses and Clients.
  • Brand the account by uploading a corporate logo and change skin colors.
  • Set account preferences (for TimeZone, Date Format, Week Management, etc.).
  • Permanently delete projects (please see note below).
  • Import users and tasks.

Note: In order to prevent inadvertent project deletion, AceProject has a two-step deletion process. The 1st step is to mark the project as deleted under  Project Tab > Edit Project  and the 2nd is to permanently delete the project under Administration =>  Tools >  Deleted Projects. Although project managers can mark a project as deleted, only administrators have access to the area where projects can be permanently deleted or recovered.

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