Deleting all a user’s items is a prerequisite to deleting the user from the database altogether. However, when you delete user items, that has an impact on historical data and statistics (for instance, you might need to delete the user’s time sheet items which will have an impact on Actual Hours values both at the task and project levels). Additionally, in most circumstances, further preliminary work will be required prior to deleting the user from the database.

That is why we created a user status called “Inactive-Access Denied” which allows you to keep the user and his/her historical data in the database while hiding the user from lists for all further assignments. When the user is set to the “Inactive-Access Denied” status, he or she will no longer receive any e-mail notifications from AceProject and, as the status name indicates, the user will no longer be able to login. Finally, if your hosted package has a limit on the number of active users, “Inactive-Access Denied” users are not taken into consideration towards that limit.

You may set a user to this status in the “Access Rights” section of the user’s profile, accessible through Administration => Users > Users.

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