If you are an Administrator or Project Manager, you have the right to mark an existing project as a template. If you are a Normal user with the right to create projects, you will automatically become Project Manager over the projects you create. Hence, you will have the ability to mark those projects as templates.

When creating a new project, you may immediately mark it as a template in the “Settings” section of the “New Project” page. You may also mark an existing project as a template in the “Edit Project” page accessible by clicking on the right edge of the Project Tab in the top frame and selecting “Edit Project” in the pulldown menu. You may then mark your project as a template in the “Settings” section.

Please note that “Static Templates” are not displayed in your project lists with the default filtering. You must check the “Include Static Templates” right pane checkbox and click on “Apply Filter” for static templates to be listed.

Please refer to this help topic for further information regarding project templates.


    1. Support

      There is no maximum to the number of project templates one user can create. Depending on your subscription level, there is a limit on the total number of projects (other than Gold=unlimited). Each template counts as a project towards the total.

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