As with any AceProject “Normal User”, a client user has to be set up appropriately both in the user profile and when assigning the user to his/her project(s).

Here is how a client user should be set up in the “Access Rights” section of the user profile (through Administration => Users > Users ):

  1. Select “Normal” as the user “Access” value
  2. Do NOT grant the “Can add a project” Normal User optional right
  3. Disable the time module
  4. Disable the expense module
  5. Disable the User Directory

Subsequently, when assigning your user to a project (through Project Tab > Assignments) , proceed as follows:

  1. Do NOT grant the “Project Manager” right
  2. Do NOT grant the “Time Approval” right
  3. Do NOT grant the “Expense Approval” right

If you want to prevent your user from accessing unassigned tasks in the project, do not grant the “Can Open This Project” right. This set up will allow the user to access only assigned, to review and created tasks (if applicable). Tasks the user has the right to access in the project will be available under the Home tab (for instance, under Home > My Assigned Tasks).

If you want to give your user read only access to tasks in the project, choose A1-Read Only as the Edit Task Level. Otherwise, you may refer to the Edit Task Level chart to determine the level which best suits your needs.

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