Before you enter any data in your account, we recommend you configure it to fit your needs. This section will help you configure items that impact all users and all projects.

We suggest you review and configure the following in the “Administration” section. This section can be reached by clicking on the “Administration” button near the upper right-hand corner of the Aceproject application interface and then Account > Edit Account in the left menu.

Edit Account

This is where you can configure:

  • The Account Name
  • Account Preferences (i.e. Time Zone, Date Format, Week Management, Typical Work Day, Time Tracking and Cost Tracking parameters). Time and cost tracking can be turned off completely here if you’re not going to need these functionalities and wish to have all time and expense interface tabs, menus and fields removed.
  • Email notification parameters
  • SMTP server parameters (limited to certain pre-October 2014 accounts)
  • Company address and contact information.
  • The Task Reminder parameters

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