AceProject offers a wide range of access rights at both the user and project level. Access rights are very flexible. They allow administrators and project managers to grant the right privileges to the right users.

The general idea about how AceProject access rights work is the following:

  • If, at the user level, you setup a user as an Administrator, he/she will have access to all information across the entire account.
  • If, on the other hand, the user is setup as a Normal user, he/she will only have access to information on assigned projects. Project level rights can subsequently be granted to Normal users on a per project basis.

The User Access Rights

The user access rights are used to grant privileges with regards to actions that can be performed in the account. Only administrators can grant these access rights in user profiles accessible through Administration => Users > Users .

The Project Access Rights

The project access rights are used to grant privileges at the project level. Both administrators and project managers can grant these access rights under  Project Tab > Assignments .

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