Through the new interface, you can now set the Time on the Edit Task Panel for Start and End dates. Scheduling tasks has always been to the day. Sub-day refinement, to the hour and minute, has been a desired request by many of our users. This is used across all views, including the Gantt and Calendar views. Multiple tasks can now be set throughout the day for meetings, or to divide activities between morning and afternoons, for example.

Add Time to Start and End Dates

When you edit a task and view the Start and End Date fields a new time icon appears beside each of them. Clicking on the icon will allow the input fields to become accessible. Set the time as needed.

Manage your day in the Calendar view

Day and Agenda modes in the Calendar view are now more useful with the ability to define the start and end hours and minutes of a task. In addition, you can dynamically edit by dragging and dropping the tasks or dragging the start and end to change the time period to the nearest 15-minute interval. You can manually change to the nearest minute from the task’s Edit panel.

Intra-day tasks in the Gantt view

As with the Calendar view, the Gantt view allows controlling of the time within the new Day view mode. Therefore, plan tasks visually that have start and due dates within the same day. 

Available across Reports and Exports

If Time is used for a task`s Start and End dates, it is carried through for use across all modules including export files, reports, and history.

More features will be ported to the New interface as time goes on.