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Concurrent Task Editing/Saving Improvements

When 2 or more users have the Editing panel open for the same task, and 1 of the user saves the task with changes made, the other user(s) are informed of a task update if they attempt to modify. If any modifications have been entered but not saved, the user will have an opportunity to copy their content (otherwise they could lose it). If no modifications were made, the Edit panel refreshes upon a mouse focus over the panel, and the change by the other user is reflected.

This is a major improvement upon previous versions wherein the vast majority of occasions the user was informed that the task was modified, and they lost any information that they had entered.

By |2021-12-13|

Improved Interface Themes

If you have not yet noticed, under your My Profile area by clicking on your avatar on the top right, you can choose between 2 theme offerings. The default “Light” theme, and a much more contrasted (and many have commented, cooler) “Dark” theme are available. 

You may have noticed a “lightening” up of the interface for the “Light” theme, and much better use of contrast in the “Dark” theme. Previously, too many grey tones led to many users not being able to easily discern different zones of the application. 


Not only is access to a “Dark” theme cool, but there may also be health benefits depending on the lighting conditions and time of day that you work. If you suffer from eye fatigue, try switching themes and see if it makes a difference.

More features will be ported to the New interface as time goes on.

By |2021-11-22|

Introducing Comment Editing in the New Interface

Don’t you wish that you could fix the mistake in your comment on the task after you just saved it? Well, no more copying the comment, deleting the comment, then pasting and correcting the new comment. Simply click the edit icon and modify the comment. Any user can now delete their own comments as well. Don’t worry Project Managers and Administrators, all changes are recorded under the Task History. 


More features will be ported to the New interface as time goes on.

By |2021-11-22|

Introducing Time for Start and End Dates in the New Interface

Through the new interface, you can now set the Time on the Edit Task Panel for Start and End dates. Scheduling tasks has always been to the day. Sub-day refinement, to the hour and minute, has been a desired request by many of our users. This is used across all views, including the Gantt and Calendar views. Multiple tasks can now be set throughout the day for meetings, or to divide activities between morning and afternoons, for example.

Add Time to Start and End Dates

When you edit a task and view the Start and End Date fields a new time icon appears beside each of them. Clicking on the icon will allow the input fields to become accessible. Set the time as needed.

Manage your day in the Calendar view

Day and Agenda modes in the Calendar view are now more useful with the ability to define the start and end hours and minutes of a task. In addition, you can dynamically edit by dragging and […]

By |2021-11-08|

Time Clock Added into New AceProject Interface

Today you may have noticed a new icon on the top navigation bar of a small stopwatch? We have begun porting time management features into the new interface. Over the next several weeks/months, the majority of time entering, approval, and reporting features will become available. Be advised that for now, saved Time Clock entries can only be accessed through the Classic Interface.

Accessing the Time Clock

The Time Clock can be conveniently accessed by clicking on the icon.



From the pop-up, you can select the Project and Task to associate the time to.



Once the Time Clock is running, click on the stop icon directly or click on the running time to open the Time Clock settings.



It can also be activated from the Edit panel’s menu when you are editing a […]

By |2021-09-23|

New Editing Panel Improvements – Customization, etc

The new interface’s Edit panel now has some nice enhancements. Users will notice that a number of fields have become editable. As well, the order of and display of fields is now configurable as well as the ability to add Custom hours between assigned users.

New fields available to edit

A number of new fields were made available to edit from the Edit Panel. These include; Actual start date, Actual end date, Estimated expenses, and Estimated time. All editable fields in the Classic interface are now available within the New interface!

Estimated time field able to divide time by user or apply Custom division

Now that Estimated time can be added in the New interface, the ability to divide the hours between Assigned users evenly and divide the hours by custom values has also been added.

By |2021-09-08|

Gantt Chart Improvements in the New Interface

This week the new Gantt chart view has been enhanced including dependency creation, a third tab in the Edit task panel, and better time representation and scaling. Eventually, the Gantt chart will be available exclusively within the New Interface.

A number of other enhancements have also been implemented, such as improved detected changes, and an improved concept for global email notifications, being more accessible with an ability to temporarily disable the feature.


Gantt dependency display/management

Dependency information is available by clicking on the dependency line connecting the tasks.

Dependency information can also be accessed and managed through the Edit Task panel through an additional tab providing easy navigation between predecessors and successors. All tasks, with or without dates, and independent of status (completed or not) can be used as successors and predecessors greatly improving usage.



Better management of detected changes

When a user edits a task, and attempts to open another task before saving, changes were once lost. A new way of detecting changes has been implemented, allowing the user to not lose entered […]

By |2021-08-26|

New Gantt Chart View for AceProject (Beta Interface)

In our continual progression to build up features, the new Beta interface now includes a new Gantt chart view. Display a single project or multi-project Search or Quick link task results in the Gantt chart view and apply filters as needed.

While keeping the overall features of the current Gantt chart as in the Classic interface, a number of enhancements have been added:

Better viewing/printing options

  • The beginning and end of projects (or status grouping) in the Gantt are represented by a summary bar and contents can be collapsed/expanded, as needed.
  • Choice of a date range to freeze to as well as exporting the view to PDF allow more flexibility.
  • The task bars can be attributed with a label of your choice as well (Assignee, task name, etc)
By |2021-04-01|

File Download for AceProject in Beta Interface – New Feature

The new Beta interface has now been accessible for a few months now. We hope that you have been using it. Many comments have come in and you can be sure that we will be placing more features in it over the course of this year, like the File Download Manager that was just released!

A heavily requested feature for AceProject users, we are excited to provide access to the File Download Manager. This allows the punctual or bulk download for files (documents) associated with tasks (documents, images, other) within a task, a search set of tasks, a project, or across multiple projects. It has been optimized to track the transfer status and provides an index and log, in structured zip files. Whether just with a few files or a full backup of 10s of GBs of files, this feature is robust and gets the job done!

File Download Manager usage

By |2021-03-18|

Bridge24 for AceProject – an Overview

Bridge24 continues to improve and add enhanced features for AceProject users. In addition to reports and exports, you are able to create dynamic charts and use Bridge24 for your daily operational interface given that updating can be done directly from within it. Let’s take a look at the features that Bridge24 offers:

Grid & Filtering

Bridge24 provides a flexible and powerful grid experience to easily display any task data desired. Create and save filters, show/hide fields, group, resize/reorder fields


From any view, export the displayed data to Excel or CSV. Full comment information can be exported and available on a separate tab.


Tasks can be […]

By |2020-07-02|
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