AceProject Mobile – Updated Android Version

The Android mobile application for AceProject has recently been refreshed. It provides an extension to the browser application accessible on your mobile device to provide a number of great features such as:

Android Mobile Update

A number of modifications have been ported to the Android application and is available via the Google Play store





Again, feel free to try out the Android version by downloading it from the Google Play store

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AceProject V4.3

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A new design, improved usability and many requested features are included in this upgrade. This is a major upgrade that will pave the way for many other long-awaited enhancements to be implemented in future versions.
  • A New Design – A new designer within the company has brought a new design to AceProject’s interface. The tabs and the left panel have been revamped, along with a few other graphical elements have been improved in order to make your AceProject experience the best possible.
  • Project Statuses – We are proud to introduce a new configuration element on the project level: the project statuses.
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Revamped Hosted Packages for AceProject

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In order to fit the project management software market and, at the same time, our customers’ needs, we have revamped our package list.

We have decided to provide Hosted Basic and Hosted Advanced packages with higher privileges, without changing the monthly pricing. Moreover, we would like to introduce a new package, the Hosted Standard. After many requests, we finally offer an affordable alternative to the Hosted Advanced package.

Click here to find all details about our packages.

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AceProject V4.2

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Every time we release a new version, it is based upon our customers’ comments and suggestions. Once again, we have added the features you need because you are the users. We believe in the efficiency and power of our software, but we do not want to impose our ideas on you.
  • We finally release our Task Reminder feature officially. This feature used to be available upon request only. This feature, which is set by Administrators, allows users to receive an email notification that reminds them when tasks they are assigned to are “soon due” or “overdue”.
  • In addition to the current “Move a Task” feature, it is now possible to copy a task into another project or within the same project.
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AceProject V4.1

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One of our most important updates, this one includes lots of requested features to help you manage your projects with more efficiency.
  • After many requests, we finally release a user and tasks import module. This module uses CSV format and is useful if you want to recover previously Excel-exported data. Moreover, this feature allows you to import users and tasks from another project management software into AceProject.
  • The Custom Task Report allows you to generate task reports in accordance with your specific needs. You can select which fields you want to display and which filters to use.
  • It is now possible to search through all help pages quickly and efficiently with our new search tool.
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AceProject V4.0

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Our second major update this year is filled with new functions that will make your project management experience even more effective:
  • User groups can be configured to re-create teams or departments.
  • A new user workload report contains each user’s assigned work hours. This way, it’s easy for managers to know if someone has too much or too little work.
  • Yes, AceProject now supports task dependencies. With AceProject, you can specify that a task can only start once one or several other tasks are completed, and the system will automatically adjust the dependent task’s dates. Moreover, you can set a lag time between these dependent tasks.
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AceProject V3.9

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With the new year, AceProject brings a brand new document management module, new Gantt charts and increased flexibility across the system:
  • AceProject now offers a document management system that permits associating files to each project. Moreover, users can lock project documents, thus protecting them from deletion or modification by other users. A comprehensive range of new functions has been added, including versioning and a folder tree-view.
  • Two new Gantt charts have been created for projects. They display the advancement of all projects in the same window.
  • A new filter has been added to project search bars: you can now filter projects by client.
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AceProject V3.8

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AceProject 3.8  offers a new function and two improvements that will make your experience more effective:
  • You can now create a client list and associate them to your projects. A client can be associated with several projects. A project can be linked to one client.
  • Time reports have been modified to display comments about your time as well as data from the IN/OUT module.
  • AceProject’s new menus are not only more ergonomic but also compatible with a wider range of Internet browsers.

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AceProject V3.7

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With AceProject 3.7, following-up on changes to tasks is now much easier:
  • A task history can be activated on a project basis. This permits knowing the date and author of all changes made to a task since its creation, putting an end to confusion.
  • All comments entered by assigned users and reviewers are now saved in the comment thread of each task. This permits keeping exchanges between all persons working on the same task.
  • AceProject’s contextual help is now available in French. French-speaking users now have access to the same help resources as English-speaking users.

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AceProject V3.6

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AceProject 3.6 introduces a wide range of clever new functions and improvements:
  • Three new access right items have been added:
    • The new limited administrator mode gives project managers an overview of all their projects without having access to account configuration.
    • Timesheets can be completely disabled, keeping a user from logging time.
    • Access to the User Directory can be limited or disabled. Hence, a user can only see users who are members of his or her projects or not see the directory at all.
  • Project configuration contains three new default values fields: task Start Date, end date and estimated hours.
  • Each project now has a contact section that displays the contact person for this specific project.
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AceProject V3.5

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This new version brings far-reaching improvements to the AceProject system:
  • You can now assign several users or reviewers to a task.
  • In the message center, recipient options have been improved to permit multiple user selection, regardless of project.
  • The printer-friendly version of a task has been optimized for readability.
  • Statistics offer supplemental information regarding worked hours.
  • Access rights have been modified: it is impossible to un-assign a user from a project if he or she is a creator, assigned user or reviewer on tasks.

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