Latest Enhancements: April 2014

Spring is upon us.  The sun is shining, the snow is melting, the birds are singing, and we have been busy adding new features to make your experience using AceProject even more enjoyable. The new features touch many aspects of AceProject, from documents to time management. Take a look at the short video that shows you what is new and/or read below:

Time Management Settings

A new Time Management configuration/settings functionality is now available.  These are global account settings.  This provides better control over how a user enters time:

“I do not want my users to enter time on completed tasks” (no problem)
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AceProject V3.3

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This version features a brand new functionality:
  • A new module is now available: the IN/OUT module. This module permits starting and stopping an automatic time clock for a task. Once stopped, the time clock will automatically create a timesheet entry. This offers better control to the administrators, as well as simplifies the life of the users, who don’t need to manually fill in their timesheet.
  • The new IN/OUT module also gave us the idea to create a new access right. Administrators can choose how each user enters his/her time: manually, automatically using the IN/OUT module or both.
  • AceProject’s pages have been reorganised to make them more ergonomic.

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AceProject V3.2

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For this version, we improved AceProject’s flexibility:
  • Tasks can be numbered with decimal numbers, which permits simulating task dependencies and regrouping sequentially linked tasks together.
  • Each user can set his/her default sort parameters for task reports. This saves time when producing the reports themselves.
  • A new access right now limits user access to a project: they can see their tasks without seeing the project’s other parameters, such as time sheets or calendars. By forbidding opening the project, the user only sees his/her tasks in the My Office tab, which is useful with clients and sub-contractors.
  • Users with normal access rights may receive the right to create a blank project or to copy it from a template.

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AceProject V3.1

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A few improvements were implemented:
  • New date formats and time zone selection enhance user experience. Each user can now choose his/her own date format and time zone, or keep the account’s default settings.
  • Opening a project is now easier, thanks to the drop-down list located to the right of the main navigation tabs.

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AceProject V3.0

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For the official launch of AceProject’s latest version, our team worked very hard to implement both a esthetic and functional improvements:
  • AceProject now sports its brand new colors and convenient animated menus.
  • The Administration section includes two new reports and 2 new tools:
    • Task reports by date and by user are now available in the Administration tab, which permits producing these reports for all projects at once.
    • Your account data is exportable in Microsoft Excel format. This is useful for backups and importing the data into another software.
    • A project deletion interface lets your erase a whole project or only parts of it.

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New tools

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Several functions have been added or redesigned:
  • A task calendar is now available under the Administration tab. Moreover, bothcalendars can display their task list right in the window, which saves you many clicks!
  • Our Gantt charts have been completely redesigned. The charts are available on ayearly or quarterly basis, which is better suited to the nature of these tools.
  • Wherever tasks are displayed, you will find a link to a printer-friendly version of the task list. On top of printing all tasks at once, this page lets you decide how many tasks to print on each page.
  • A new task report has been added to enable searches on the date fields of a task : creation, last update, start, and due dates.

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New statuses for time approval

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3 new features are now available to better your AceProject experience:
  • You can now create several task statuses corresponding to “completed,” such as closed, cancelled, history, etc.
  • Time approval has been redefined to make a distinction between a time sheet that has not been submitted for approval and one for which an approval request has been sent.
  • A completed task now opens in read-only mode. If you have the required access rights, you can reopen it by changing its status on the completed task page.

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New Time Report, New Gantt Chart, Better Ergonomics!

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3 new features are now available to better your AceProject experience:
  • The new report on time sheets helps you get an overview of the human resources required for one or all projects. Produce a weekly or monthly report, choose users, dates, and time sheet status. This convenient report pops up in a new window and is ready to be printed.
  • Administrators now have their own Gantt chart, where they can see all projects at once, or one project at a time.
  • In the My Tasks page under the My Office tab, we have added the Quick Task Creation Box: simply choose your assigned project and click a button to create a new task without having to open a project.

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Details and Improvements

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AceProject is constantly evolving. Once again, several improvements and details have appeared in the system:
  • On the Edit Task page, a Properties icon takes you directly to the project configuration page.
  • The system now checks that simultaneous changes do not cause data loss: when two users are making changes to a task simultaneously, AceProject will stop the second user’s update from overwriting the first user’s modifications.
  • Daily and weekly totals are now displayed in the time approval page.
  • A drop-down list is available to choose the month and year in the project calendar.
  • Ergonomics has been improved in the Add a Week page: you can browse one or four weeks in time.

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Enhanced Ergonomics

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Once again, our user’s comments have led to several ergonomic enhancements:
  • Project configuration is now tab-based to make navigation easier.
  • User configuration is easier to use: you can now assign a project to a user directly from the edit user window – no need to click through to another page.
  • Time approval has been added to the Administration tab: it is now possible to approve time sheets for all projects at the same time.
  • Weekly time sheets now display daily totals for easier referencing.
  • Supplemental information has been added to the discussion forum: you can now see the number of messages in a topic, as well as the date and author of the last post.

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