File Download for AceProject in Beta Interface – New Feature

The new Beta interface has now been accessible for a few months now. We hope that you have been using it. Many comments have come in and you can be sure that we will be placing more features in it over the course of this year, like the File Download Manager that was just released!

A heavily requested feature for AceProject users, we are excited to provide access to the File Download Manager. This allows the punctual or bulk download for files (documents) associated with tasks (documents, images, other) within a task, a search set of tasks, a project, or across multiple projects. Read the Complete Post


FreeTaskManager change its name and becomes AceProject

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In the last year, FreeTaskManager has grown beyond simple task management to a more comprehensive project management system. Hence, FreeTaskManager was no longer a suitable name for it. Starting March 1st, you will find all the user-friendly features you used to know as FreeTaskManager under a new name: AceProject.

Don’t worry about your account and login information: they will remain unaffected by the name change.

  • AceProject will let you log in to your account with your FreeTaskManager login name and password.
  • Free access will remain available as the Hosted BASIC package.

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FreeTaskManager’s web site gets brand new look and features

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The web site is now sporting the FreeTaskManager’s new colors, and has more ergonomic browsing. We also took the opportunity to launch brand new packages. Our new Hosted ADVANCED package offers a solution that is midway between the limited free account and the powerful PRO package. Our Source Code package now comes with both Access 2000 and SQL Server 2000 database formats.

Finally, FreeTaskManager now supports recurring monthly payments with the Hosted ADVANCED and Hosted PRO packages, with our new credit card provider, Paypal. Read the Complete Post

More features make the FreeTaskManager more powerful

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Three new features are now available on the FreeTaskManager: tab-based task editing, a complete statistics page for projects and new statistics and reports sections for administrators.

The Edit Task Information page is now divided in tabs to make browsing easier. With more and more information now available for each task, using tabs to go from basic information to file attachments is simpler.

The project statistics page also displays more information, providing a more detailed summary of your project. You can even see the list of tasks assigned to a specific user or task status, for example.

In the administration section, you can now see statistics for all projects: get an overview of activity in your account, including file attachment sizes and total task numbers, so you can be up-to-date on how close to your limitations you are. Read the Complete Post

Gantt chart now available

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You can now see your project’s completion levels at a glance using the popular Gantt chart model. This chart shows a monthly progress bar for each task.

Gantt charts are a project planning tool used to represent the timing of tasks required to complete a project. Because Gantt charts are simple to understand, they are used by most project managers to illustrate completion or progress.

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New task distribution makes management easier

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Completed tasks are now displayed in a separate page to make task management easier when working in big projects. Hence, you have now 2 task pages: Incomplete Tasks and Completed Tasks. The Incomplete tasks page contains all tasks that have a status other than completed, while the Completed tasks page has only those that are termed as completed. The search bar is available on both pages to help you find just the group of tasks you need to work on. Read the Complete Post

The FreeTaskManager gets a complete makeover!

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Behind the FreeTaskManager’s professional new look, you will find improved features, a more powerful database system and an integrated user-friendly help section.

The FreeTaskManager now sports a tab-based navigation system: the My Office tab is each user’s personal place. It is now easier to browse between an open project and your preferences, simply click on the tabs and you’re there! Even better, the project tab displays your project’s name, so you always know what you’re working on. Project navigation has been greatly improved, letting you jump from page to page effortlessly. Moreover, an integrated contextual help system is now available: you have a question? Read the Complete Post